28 Jun

Zhonghua Robotics Festival

Zhonghua Secondary School
Robotics Festival | LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3

Zhonghua Secondary School recently held their robotics festival which is in conjunction with the completion of Robotics and Computing Program. This gives them the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired, by representing their class in either the SumoBot Challenge or the Unseen Challenge.

Students from Primary schools around the area, such as Pei Chun Public School, Zhonghua Primary, and Rosyth School, were invited to be a part of their festival.

The side challenge being the SumoBot Challenge had students compete with each other through the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 by having the robot pushed each other out of the ring.

For the main challenge, The Unseen Challenge, it is an overblown cyclone and the task was to program the robot to help in the disaster relief effort of the city that was battling the aftermath of the cyclone. Two missions that needed to be accomplished, firstly to retrieve food supply and second, to retrieve medical supply.  20170525_091246 20170525_093641 20170525_102729 20170525_102808 20170525_102855 image4


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