15 Sep

Great environment, trainer is patient and provides good feedback

Kwee Lin gave good feedback of my children’s performance and involvement during the workshop which is very important to me as a parent as I want to know how interested they were in such a field of play as this is their first time. The lab environment was very conducive and there was free space for children to explore as opposed to cramped space full of furniture and such. The workshop, besides teaching the content matter, it also taught my kids sorting, identifying the different parts, keep the parts away once finished and also to return the lego education boxes to where they belong.

The children also learn to collaborate with one another when building. Learning was also at their own pace where creativity was greatly encouraged. Hence Kwee Lin was patient with my kids and there were many values taught besides the building the Lego. Her constant encouragement for my kids are now making my kids to sign up for more workshops by her. Thank you Kwee Lin for kindling their interest in Lego education.

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