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STEAM Engine @ Metro Centrepoint

We’re proud to launch STEAM Engine by Duck Learning, a STEAM learning lab located at Metro Centrepoint to inspire children in their exploration of science, technology, engineering, art, and Math (STEAM) through hands-on learning.


Holiday Camp   Schedule


Holiday Workshop Schedule


g your child to take part in any of our engaging hands-on workshops or check out our exploration area for a

playful learning experience.

Our STEAM workshops are based on a specially designed curriculum, packed with fun and excitement!

Venue: STEAM Engine by Duck Learning, Metro Centrepoint, Level 5


Children’s Day Promotion 

All workshops at $10 only!

on 5th October

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Fun & Learn with Soft Bricks 

Price: $10 per child + 1 parent per session
Age: 2 to 4 years old
: 45 minutes

Time: 11.00 – 11.45 am

Children will have fun in this workshop with award-winning LEGO soft bricks. This set is packed with standard and curved LEGO Soft elements that make it easy for children to develop physical skills and spatial awareness as they build life-sized figures, walls, towers and obstacle courses. Observe as children creatively set the scene and retell stories using these unique bricks. This workshop is accompanied by parents so that the parents can learn and create bonding moments together.



Junior StoryMakers (My Pet) 
Price: $10 per child per session
Age: 4 to 5.5 years old
Duration: 45 minutes

Time: 3.00 – 3.45 pm

This workshop promotes creativity, imaginative storytelling, early literacy skills and language development. Children will naturally collaborate and develop speaking and listening skills as they build their stories and role play. Anyone can tell a story!


Maker Fun (Make a dancing robot) 

Price: $10 per child per session

Age: 6 – 9 years old

Duration: 1 hr and 30 minutes

Time: 5.00 – 6.30 pm


A MAKER Fun workshop is where all makers gather to share
knowledge, experiment, create, tinker and learn. LEGO®
Education Maker empowers every student, at all grade
levels, to follow their curiosity wherever it leads them, in a
safe, inspiring, and instantly accessible environment. The
LEGO® brick, with its simple and intuitive building system, is
the perfect prototyping tool.

Students start exploring with a handful of LEGO bricks and
begin to create, test, build and rebuild. As they work toward
their ultimate goal, they continuously modify, retest and

STEAM Carnival

(Carnival Rides)

Fees: $10 per child per session
Age: 4 to 6 years old
Duration: 45 minutes 

Time: 12.00pm – 12.45pm

STEAM Park builds on every child’s natural curiosity and desire to create, explore, and investigate the world of early science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) through creative play. The possibilities are endless, as you work with them to construct a STEAM Park full of dynamic moving rides, fun games, and scenes using the special selection of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks. With every trip to STEAM Park, children grow their understanding of gears, motion, measurement, and solving problems together in a fun and engaging way.


Aspiring Engineers (Make a Mascot) 
Fees: $10 per child per session
Age: 6 to 9 years old
Duration: 1 hr

Time: 4.00 – 5.00 pm

This is an excellent workshop for introducing children to key simple machines concepts while building teamwork and communication skills. They will discover basic physical science concepts such as gears, pulleys, levers and wheels and axles through observation, reasoning, prediction, and critical thinking.


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Important information

  • Please note that we have a maximum capacity of 18 pax per session.
  • Workshops are non-parents-accompanied (except for Fun & Learn with Soft bricks) hence please do ensure someone will be there to fetch your child when the session ends.
  • Duck Learning reserves the right to reschedule your slots if the class is oversubscribed.

To learn more Reach us at [email protected] or call +6597110750



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