Resources needed: LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set

Predator and Prey

Model the behavior of predators and their prey.



Lesson Plan


1. Explore phase

Predators share fascinating dynamic relationships with their prey. They have evolved over centuries to improve as hunters and trappers. This has forced prey to adapt in order to evade predators and survive.

Let students explore the developing relationships between different sets of predators and their prey.


2. Create phase

Students create a predator or prey model in order to describe the relationship between a predator and its prey.

Let students explore the Design Library so they can choose a model for inspiration. Then allow them to experiment and create their own solutions.


Suggested Design Library base models include:

♦   Walk

♦   Grab

♦   Push


Have teams work in pairs, with one team modelling a predator and the other team the prey.


3. Share phase

Students should present their predator or prey models, explaining how they have represented the relationship between two species. They could use research and portfolio documentation to support their explorations and ideas.



Ensure that students explain the different strategies the chosen predator uses to attract and catch its prey.

Teacher/Parent Support

After completing this lesson, students will have:

♦   Defined a clear design need

♦   Developed their ability to iterate and improve design solutions

♦   Developed their problem-solving and communication skills

♦   Used and understood the design process

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