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SAM Labs Team Kit


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StoryStarter Fairytale Expansion Set

$76.50 $45.90

StoryStarter Space Expansion Set

$76.50 $45.90

Challenge good writers with StoryStarter Expansion Packs. The StoryStarter expansion packs are add-on packs to your StoryStarter core product. Three expansion packs are available: Community, Space and Fairy Tale. They consist of a LEGO® brick set and a curriculum pack.
Students can develop their writing abilities further with the expansion packs, going deeper into genres and social studies through a three phase method: Theme, Research and Reporting. It allows students to create and document their stories with different types of writing such as interviews, articles, logbooks, reports and much more.
Every Expansion Set has a corresponding Curriculum Pack that invites students to delve deeper into each theme. The Curriculum Pack features fiction and non-fiction activities with real-world relevance; challenging students to read informational texts related to the different themes and communicate their learning with peers. This process endows students with the powerful skills of conducting research, interpreting findings and documenting stories using a variety of writing styles

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Strawbees Blue Straws Pack

$2.80 $2.34

Strawbees Coding and Robotics Kit


Strawbees Coding and Robotics Kit [School Bundle 12 Sets]


Strawbees Crazy Scientist Kit


Strawbees Creature Creator Kit


Strawbees Design and Construction School Kit (STEAM School Kit)


Strawbees Green Straw Pack

$2.80 $2.34

Strawbees Inventor Kit

$53.00 $44.86

Strawbees Maker Kit


Strawbees Orange Straw Pack

$2.80 $2.34

Strawbees Pink Straws Pack

$2.80 $2.34

Strawbees STEAM School Kit

Students Programme in Design Thinking with STEM

SumoBot Mat

Tactiles iQube

$405.00 $198.00

Tech Machines

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TEST Course



$61.20 $42.84

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