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$8.85 $6.20

TETRIX MAX Gear Hub Spacers

$12.15 $8.51

TETRIX MAX Motor Mount

$28.15 $19.71

TETRIX MAX Stand Off Posts 2″

$14.35 $10.05

TETRIX MAX Stand-Off Posts 1″

$6.60 $4.62

TETRIX PRIME International Starter Set


TETRIX® MAX 11 mm Bronze Bushings

$24.25 $16.98

TETRIX® MAX Axle Spacers 3/8′

$1.98 $1.37

TETRIX® MAX Axles 250mm

$28.15 $19.71

TETRIX® MAX Continuous Rotation Servo

$47.40 $34.76

TETRIX® MAX Flat Brackets

$10.50 $7.35


$32.00 $22.40

TETRIX® MAX L Brackets

$8.85 $6.20

TETRIX® MAX Motor Power Cable

$9.90 $6.93

TETRIX® MAX Omni Wheel Packs 3″

$44.10 $30.87

TETRIX® MAX Sprocket Packs 32 tooth

$52.95 $37.07

TETRIX® MAX Tank Tread Conveyor Paddles

$32.00 $22.40

TETRIX® MAX Tank Tread Rubber Inserts

$32.00 $22.40

Thermal Power Science Kit


Now you can generate electricity using nothing more than a combination of hot and cold water and a special conversion cell. As the temperature evens out between the two containers of water, the power level reduces. LED and mini turbines demonstrate the variance in the electrical power being generated and there are two thermometers to keep track of the temperature levels.
Key Values
• Produce power from temperature difference (hot/cold water
• LED and fan modules show variance in electric power being generated
• Examine the physics of heat exchange and the energy that can be captured
• Comes with CD, experiments, curriculum, and 2 thermometers


Transformer 10V DC


This standard 10V DC transformer allows you to recharge your LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education Rechargeable Battery that comes with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set (45544).


USB Cable

Wild Animals Set

$166.80 $128.43

WRO Brick Set


WRO Challenge Table

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