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LEGO Education XL Bulk Set


LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set (Charger Sold Seperately)

$865.96 $688.00

LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Expansion Set


LEGO MINDSTORMS Education Replacement Pack 3


LEGO® Education Replacement Packs are the ideal way to replace key elements for your LEGO Education products. This pack features a ball and ball joint for the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set (45544).


LEGO MINDSTORMS Education Replacement Pack 4


LEGO® Education Replacement Packs are the ideal way to replace key elements for your LEGO Education products. This pack includes elements for Green City Challenge Set (9594)


LEGO® Education Creative LEGO® Brick Set


LEGO® Education Sceneries Set

$220.19 $137.63

This set is guaranteed to spark children’s imagination to builda wide variety of settings, models and characters.


LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set – Ready for preorder soon

LEGO® Education StoryTales Set

$232.62 $145.39

LEGO® Fairytale and Historic Minifigure Set

$89.50 $48.00

This set features a variety of minifigures that enable children to create and act out beloved fairytales and popular themes. A great addition to any LEGO®brick set, the set includes pirates, a witch and wizard,a king and queen, mine workers, a mermaid and merman and many more. Provides 22 minifigures andgreat accessories for each set of minifigures too!
Key values
• LEGO minifigures representing all kinds of fairytale and historic figures and their tools
• Great supplement to any LEGO®System product

Piece count: 227


MoreToMaths Core Set


This set enables Primary 1 and 2 students to build and practise mathematical problem-solving competencies. Each set contains the LEGO® elements needed for twostudents. Building materials are contained in a storage bin with sorting tray, organisational stickers, base plates, brick separators and two LEGO® Minifigures, the problem-solvers Max and Mia.
Key Values
• Use mathematical problem-solving competencies such as making sense of problems, reasoning, perseverance, precision, modeling and representation.
• Explore and practise Maths concepts such as numeracy, operations in base 10, algebraic thinking, measurement, data, geometry and spatial awareness
• Work collaboratively as well as individually

Piece count: 521




Power Functions Control Switch


Power Functions Extension Wire 8″


Build your Power Functions-equipped models bigger, better and more mechanized and motorized by adding this 8-inch (20 cm) extension wire!


Power Functions IR RX


Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control


Power Functions IR TX


Power Functions L-Motor


Power Functions Light


Add bright LED lights to your models to create glowing eyes, illuminated headlights, and anything else you can imagine and build!


Power Functions M Motor


Build an extra medium-strength, medium-sized M-Motor into your LEGO creations and watch things start moving!


Power Functions Servo Motor


Power Functions Train Motor


Power Functions XL-Motor


Add an extra XL-Motor to your models! This super-strong motor will give plenty of power to your models, whether it’s spinning a wheel or turning a system of gears. Use the “M” Motor to animate larger builds. Requires battery box (Item 8881), not included.


StoryStarter Fairytale Expansion Set


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