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LE Replacement Pack M&M 2


LE Replacement Pack Rubber Bands


Learn Through Play with LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 Online Course

$55.00 $50.00

LearnToLearn Pack


LEGO Education Coding Express


LEGO Education Community Minifigure Set


LEGO Education Community Starter Set


A huge set with endless possibilities! Build a community with a theme park, zoo, high street or whatever else you might think of.


LEGO Education Creative LEGO DUPLO Brick Set


LEGO Education Doors, Windows and Roof Tiles


This set gives you a huge variety of windows withshutters, doors and roof tiles. Everything you need to give your constructions the finishing touches.


LEGO Education DUPLO Animal Bingo


LEGO Education DUPLO Build Me Emotions


LEGO Education DUPLO Caf̩e+ Set


LEGO Education Fantasy Minifigure Set


LEGO Education Large Building Plates (for DUPLO)


LEGO Education Large Building Plates (non DUPLO)


This set includes one grey 38 x 38 cm building plate, two green 25 x 25 cm building plate, and one blue25 x 25 cm building plate. Ideal for group work.


LEGO Education Large Farm


LEGO Education LearnToLearn Core Set


LearnToLearn is a cost-effective classroom tool that shows educators how to effectively use LEGO® bricks across areas of the curriculum while keeping 21st Century Skills development at the forefront. It motivates, builds and improves student’s collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and communication skills.
This pack contains 28 identical brick bags, each containing the 72 LEGO® bricks needed for students to complete the 15 activities included in the Curriculum Pack.

Piece count: 2018


LEGO Education Multi Vehicles


LEGO Education Our Town


LEGO Education SG50 “Building My SG” Set

$29.90 $15.00

LEGO Education Small Building Plates


Features 22 building plates in three different sizes and a variety of colors. Use as foundation for your LEGO creation, to create landscapes, or fo rconstructing tall buildings.


LEGO Education Space and Airport Set


With this set, children can investigate topics suchas travel, air traffic control, space, aliens andcommunicating with others. It includes elements forbuilding a space shuttle, airplanes, satellites andmuch more.


LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Expansion Set


LEGO Education STEAM Park


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