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Building My SG – 2 for $50!


Coding Express

$445.20 $342.80

Community Minifigure Set

$102.70 $79.08

Community People Set

$125.08 $96.31

Community Starter Set

$473.87 $364.88

A huge set with endless possibilities! Build a community with a theme park, zoo, high street or whatever else you might think of.


Creative LEGO Brick Set

$111.92 $86.18

Creative LEGO� DUPLO� Brick Set

$122.75 $94.52

Doors, Windows and Roof Tiles

$107.38 $82.68

This set gives you a huge variety of windows withshutters, doors and roof tiles. Everything you need to give your constructions the finishing touches.


Fairytale and Historic Minifigure Set

$89.50 $71.60

This set features a variety of minifigures that enable children to create and act out beloved fairytales and popular themes. A great addition to any LEGO®brick set, the set includes pirates, a witch and wizard,a king and queen, mine workers, a mermaid and merman and many more. Provides 22 minifigures andgreat accessories for each set of minifigures too!
Key values
• LEGO minifigures representing all kinds of fairytale and historic figures and their tools
• Great supplement to any LEGO®System product

Piece count: 227


Fantasy Minifigure Set

$102.70 $79.08

KUBO Coding Set (Single Edition)


Large Building Plates

$77.25 $59.48

Large Farm

$304.16 $234.21

Large LEGO Building Plates

$77.25 $59.48

This set includes one grey 38 x 38 cm building plate, two green 25 x 25 cm building plate, and one blue25 x 25 cm building plate. Ideal for group work.


LEGO Education DUPLO Animal Bingo

$80.47 $61.96

LEGO Education DUPLO Build Me Emotions

$157.56 $121.32

LEGO Education DUPLO Caf̩e+ Set

$212.27 $163.45

LEGO Education StoryTales

$232.62 $179.12

LEGO Education Vehicles Set

$270.96 $208.64

LEGO Education Wild Animals – Arctic Animals set


LEGO Education Wild Animals – Elephant set


LEGO Education Wild Animals – Forest Animals set


LEGO Education Wild Animals – Giant Panda set


LEGO Education Wild Animals – King of the Jungle set


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