Experience LEGO® Education Workshops allow teachers to have a quick, first-hand experience of LEGO® Education’s unique principles for teaching and hands-on learning before implementing them in their schools.

Participants will be given a full introduction to LEGO®Education’s exciting resources of relevance. They will learn how to make use of these resources in a classroom setting to deliver inspiring, effective and rewarding lessons so as to help their students acquire stronger core,innovation and life skills.

Our trainers will also provide participants with pointers on how to stimulate their students’ creativity and learning through various teaching methodologies, and at the same time, enhance their 21st century skills such as collaboration and critical thinking.

An Exciting MLEA Platform for STELLAR
StoryStarter Workshop

Get a hands-on experience with how LEGO Education StoryStarter can enable your students to succeed in Literacy.

LEGO Education Story Starter is a perfect resource for the Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA) used in STELLAR and an excellent tool for Mother Tongue lessons as well.

Duck Learning is pleased to conduct a complimentary workshop where you as an educator can learn more about how StoryStarter can help engage students in your classroom.

Teach Interactions & Energy Concepts in the
Primary & Secondary Science Syllabus with
LEGO Education


This workshop, conducted by a certified Teacher Trainer from the LEGO Education Academy, aims to introduce howhands-on learning, hypothesis testing and problem-based learning can be integrated to provide an effective platform to learn concepts in the Interactions and Energy domains of the Primary & Secondary Science Syllabus.

LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Introductory
Workshops for Teachers

To provide teachers with a better understanding of the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education Platform, robotics competitions and managing a robotics club, Duck Learning has organised an introductory workshop for teachers in charge of robotics clubs.

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Only applicable for educators.

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