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Roboticist JR Courses Under ICM Learning RoadMap

 Approved vendor for Roboticist JR by Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA)

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Duck Learning in collaboration with LEGO Education is proud to present the following workshops for the Roboticist Junior portion of the ICM Roadmap in the Robotics & Makers domain by the Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) for Infocomm Clubs in schools in Singapore.

FLL SG 2015-2016

As the pioneer in educational robotics, the LEGO Group and LEGO Education, over the last 16 years, have transformed the way that students learn STEM in the classroom. With a strong focus on 21st Century Competencies and skills development, the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education Platform has been providing a fun, engaging and comprehensive robotics programme to schools all over the world, providing a hands-on and minds-on approach to teaching and learning which has been unprecedented. In this proposal, the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 platform is proposed for use in the Newbie, Beginner and Intermediate courses.

Duck Learning, the exclusive partner of LEGO Education in Singapore, has been providing solutions for educational institutions in Singapore for the last 7 years. Duck Learning is committed to providing customized solutions for schools through its consultancy, training and product supply services. Over the last 4 years, Duck Learning together with its partners, LEGO Education, have been providing engaging STEM educational programmes with a strong focus on robotics. The aim of these programmes is primarily hard and soft skills development which will hold students in good stead when they enter the workforce. Another aim is to encourage more young people to take up careers in engineering and ICT.

Over the last 5 years, Duck Learning has conducted many such training programmes in collaboration with institutions such as the Science Centre Singapore and is now a partner of the LEGO Education Academy. Our master trainers have been trained by the LEGO Education Academy based in Denmark and provide both teacher and student certification programmes. Duck Learning is the only training firm in Singapore which provides training in LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education EV3 robotics according to lesson plans developed by LEGO Education.


LEGO® Education teaching resources embody a ‘Four C’ framework through which students are free to experiment and explore in order to gain new knowledge.

All LEGO tasks are designed to deliver a learning experience through this framework. The success of the Four C process is also dependent on the role of the facilitator in enabling students to achieve a state of Flow and to work collaboratively.


To achieve a state of Flow, a balance must be struck between the challenge of the task and the skill of the performer. If the task is too easy, it leads to boredom; but if it is too difficult, it only creates

anxiety, and Flow cannot occur. An educator’s greatest responsibility is to facilitate the learning process in a way that allows children to stay within such a balance. In this way, their creativity and engagement naturally flourish and Flow can be experienced. This is true of the entire Four C process.

By providing open-ended tasks and extension ideas, LEGO Education resources help students to achieve and maintain a state of Flow.


Acknowledging collaboration is about recognising that while we learn on an individual basis, we need others in order to develop and complete our learning. Collaboration is about personal leadership and mastering the dynamics of teamwork. Learning to engage effectively in dialogue with peers, sharing ideas, and building on top of contributions by others while crediting the originator, are essential skills to master in all the phases of the Four Cs model.

Being collaborative involves building trust and empathy, and building strong bonds with others whilst remaining true to one’s own identity. Collaboration entails sharing ideas and feelings through dialogue, and learning to negotiate differences.

The Four C Framework



Roboticist Jr (Newbie) using LEGO Roboticist Jr (Beginner) using LEGO Roboticist Jr (Intermediate) using LEGO Roboticist Jr (Advanced) using LEGO


Robotics_newbieNewbie course outline

  • 24 hours of training in total. (12 sessions x 2 hours each)
  • Introduction to robotics
  • Constructing the robot educator
  • Programming robot to move, focusing on rotational values of the motor
  • Touch sensors, using sound blocks and display blocks
  • Understanding and using 3 different ways to turn a robot
  • Attempting mini-challenge – Drag Race
  • Attempting design engineering challenges

Beginner course outlineRobotics_beginner

  •  24 hours of training in total. (12 sessions x 2 hours each)
  • Construction of robot educator
  • Learning how to use move steering block, tank block, loop block, touch sensor, ultrasonic sensor, colour sensor, switch block
  • Attempt design engineering challenges
  • Final challenge



Intermediate courses outlineRobotics_intermediate

  •  36 hours of training in total. (18 sessions x 2 hours each or 12 sessions X 3 hours each)
  • Construction of Robot Educator
  • Move steering block, move tank block, gyro sensor, switch block, ultrasonic sensors, using loop and switch, touch sensor, wait block
  • Activate communications
  • Mini-challenges
  • Attempt the Space challenge missions

Advanced course outlineRobotics_advance

  • 36 hours of training in total. (18 sessions x 2 hours each or 12 sessions X 3 hours each)
  • Construction of Robot Educator
  • Tank block, move and display speed, making their robots smarter with a range of  sensors
  • Advanced challenges with specific missions



Please contact our education consultants for more information or for lesson outlines.

Primary School | East & West Zone: Keane Tan, 9756 6701 or [email protected]

Primary School | North & South Zone: Kaison Ho, 9752 5201 or [email protected]

Secondary & Tertiary | North & West Zone: Kenneth Foo, 9756 1301 or [email protected]

Secondary & Tertiary |South & East Zone: Suhaila Hamlit, 8133 5091 or [email protected]


For all other queries regarding IMDA subsidy or Robotics Jr ICM Learning Roadmap, please contact  [email protected]




Through the Roboticist courses provided by Duck Learning, students will:

  • Design and build programmable robots using motors, sensors, gears, wheels, axles, and other technical components
  • Understand and interpret two-dimensional drawings to create three-dimensional models.
  • Build, test, troubleshoot and revise designs to improve robot performance
  • Communicate effectively using scientific and technical language
  • Using input and output devices and producing a simple set of sequential instructions linking cause and effect
  • Developing and testing a system to monitor and control events
  • Apply robotics to real-world applications
  • Learn and use engineering design process skills
  • Understand cross-cutting concepts, such as systems, patterns, structure and function, and logical thinking
  • Understand the core concepts of technology
  • Understand the role of troubleshooting, invention, and innovation, and experimentation in problem-solving
  • Plan and manage activities to develop a solution or complete a project
  • Demonstrate creative thinking and construct knowledge using technology
  • Use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively

*for MOE schools



This is the 3rd Generation of LEGO MINDSTORMS launched in 2013 and has taken the world by storm. It is currently the official platform in the World Robot Olympiad and the FIRST LEGO League.

It enables students to build, program and test their solutions based on real-life robotics technology.

It contains the EV3 Intelligent Brick, a powerful small computer that makes it possible to control motors and collect sensor feedback. It also enables BT and Wi-Fi communication as well as providing programming and data logging.

Students are encouraged to brainstorm in order to find creative solutions to problems and then develop them through a process of selecting, building, testing and evaluating them.

This is also an excellent way of getting students to talk to each other and cooperate as well as giving them hands-on experience with an array of sensors, motors and intelligent units. Instructions for additional models are included in the software. The set also comes in a sturdy storage box with a sorting tray for easy classroom use and storage.

The set includes:

  • Three interactive servo motors
  • Built-in rotation sensor and ultrasonic sensor
  • Color/light sensor, gyro sensor and two touch sensors
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Ball wheel
  • Connecting cables
  • Building instructions
  • LEGO® Technic building bricks for creating a vast variety of models

LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Software

This powerful, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use software for programming and data logging is based on National Instruments LabVIEWTM, the industry-leading graphical system design software used by scientists and engineers worldwide.

The EV3 Software follows the very latest developments in intuitive software design, is optimized for classroom use, and is very student friendly.

Programming with the EV3 Software is done by dragging and dropping icons into a line in order to form commands.

The language’s graphical interface lets students build simple programs and then easily and intuitively build on their skills until they are developing complex algorithms.

The software’s data-logging feature is a powerful science tool for carrying out experiments. It is easy to collect, view, analyze, and manipulate data from sensors and see the data in interactive graphs. Its unique feature, graph programming, makes experiments come alive as students can set threshold values for sensors, such as making a sound when a certain temperature is detected by the sensor.

The built-in content editor enables teachers to customize the curriculum and create their own lessons. It enables students to capture their work directly inside the content creating their own digital workbook, making classroom management and assessment easier.

The software comes with Robot Educator, the learning tool that summarizes what the LEGO® MINDSTORMS®Education software is about. It includes 48 step-by-step multimedia tutorials designed to help educators and students master basic and advanced programming as well as hardware and data-logging functions.

EV3 Space Challenge Set

This theme-based set guides students through LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 building and programming and makes a great introduction to the exciting world of robotics. It contains three learning mats, a Challenge mat, dual lock tape and lots of elements needed in the Challenge models. The set will show your class how robotics can be applied to a range of real-world applications and get them working together to solve realistic problems.

Product Packages

LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 core sets are required for these ICM Learning Roadmap Courses which are not included in the course package.

*These product packages are not subsidised by IMDA.

Special packages subsidised by Duck Learning are available for schools which do not have any existing LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 core sets.

Please contact our education consultants for more information.





1) FIRST LEGO League Singapore

Duck Learning is the Singapore operational partner for the FIRST LEGO League Singapore. The FIRST LEGO League is an international robotics competition and enquiry-based programme teaching students ages 9 through 16 about science, technology and collaborative working.

FIRST LEGO League is a partnership between FIRST and the LEGO Group and 230, 000 students attend the world finals every year. This competition and learning programme is a fantastic extension out-of-class for students who go through the robotics courses.

Schools which engage Duck Learning through the IMDA Infocomm Club programme will receive a subsidy of $50 off their registration fees to enable them to take part in this competition.

2) Innovation Lab by LEGO Education at the Singapore Science Centre

The Innovation Lab by LEGO Education, located at the Singapore Science Centre, is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, and serves as a facility to provide a unique ‘hands-on, minds-on’ environment for existing and new adopters of the LEGO Education platform. The Innovation Lab is envisioned as a place that inspires imagination, learning and play for all stakeholders in a child’s future.

The Innovation Lab is designed as a classroom to support 21st-century learning.

All students from schools engaging Duck Learning under this programme by IMDA will be invited to regular refresher workshops at the Innovation Lab Free of Charge and students can make use of the customized facilities in the lab to do R&D on their own and further extend their learning.

3) LEGO Education’s Network of Partner Institutions

LEGO Education’s network of partner institutions include institutions such as MIT, Tufts University and Carnegie Mellon University. Numerous professors from these universities such as Professor Chris Rogers and Associate Professor Ethan Danahy have spent years with LEGO Education STEM platforms and helping teachers to integrate them into their lessons.

Professor Ethan Danahy will be consulting on this project, bringing with him a wealth of experience. Many of these distinguished personalities often visit Singapore to conduct workshops and give talks to educators.

Teachers and administrators from schools running the Code for Fun Programme and Roboticist ICM Roadmap will have the opportunity to attend workshops especially for them and learn directly from the best experts from around the world.

4) LEGO Education Academy

Duck Learning is an authorized partner of the LEGO Education Academy (LEA), which offers professional development courses for educators, in collaboration with Science Centre Singapore, who want to get the most out of their LEGO Education resources.

The Academy delivers high-quality professional development programmes using skilled facilitators who are experienced users of LEGO Education platforms and have gone through rigorous training at the LEA HQ in Billund, Denmark by Master Trainers from LEA.

In courses conducted by LEA, educators will learn how to integrate LEGO Education platforms into the classroom while promoting higher-order thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills. Educators will be equipped with skills for 21st century learning to develop them to provide their students with opportunities to problem solve by experimenting collaboratively and creatively.

After the course, teachers who achieve a passing grade in the assessment criteria will receive a certificate from LEA. Teachers who go through the teacher training provided by Duck learning as specified in this tender have the option of further going through this certification process at a subsidized rate.

All LEA training is conducted at the Innovation Lab by LEGO Education located in the Science Centre, Singapore.

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