02 Mar

Robofest STEM Conference 2015

The Robofest STEM Conference is organised by Rulang Primary School and Duck Learning in collaboration with STEM INC. for educators and professionals. The conference explored STEM Education and its implementation.

Teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in an integrated manner has become essential in today’s learning environment in order to prepare students for the economy of the future.

How can you help shape tomorrow’s creative problem solvers while still teaching core curriculum in an authentic, results-oriented way? How do we ensure today’s students enter classrooms filled with opportunities to practice 21st-century skills such as analytical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and problem solving? Rulang Primary School in collaboration with Duck Learning (Exclusive Partner of LEGO Education in Singapore) invite educators and community leaders to join us for an engaging conference and seminar bringing 21st-century skills and STEM to life in the classroom.

Educators and Professionals from the Education Industry will have the opportunity to:

–  Learn from the best STEM practices in schools from Singapore and around the region.

–  Understand how educators are making hands-on learning an effective way of developing 21st Century Competencies in their students.

–  Experience a hands-on LEGO building experience and discover how hands-on learning can be integrated into multiple subject areas

–  Collaborate with other participants to create a shared vision and manifesto for STEM Education.

–  Find like-minded partners from schools and the industry to help jump-start exciting initiatives in your school.

–  Become part of a community of hands-on STEM learning advocates.

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