LEGO® Education

Engage your students
right from the start of
your class

The effectiveness of hands-on learning, for
example through construction, has been well
documented for many years. Today, neuroscience
is able to document even more precisely how
physical and active involvement in experiences
stimulates the brain and improves the quality
of learning.

Having your students engaged in a 5-10
minutes activity with LearnToLearn at the
start of your class allows them to activate
multiple senses and use them throughout
the learning process. With increased
attentiveness and higher engagement,
they will achieve better understanding and
retention of the concepts taught in class as
they form strong mental links between
their conceptual understanding and building

Classroom Management

We know that using LEGO® bricks in the
classroom can sometimes be a challenge.
To help overcome this, we have developed
several activities that can be used to set
classroom rules when using LearnToLearn.
One example could be to have your students
build Mr. Learnie at the end of each
LearnToLearn session. He is made of every
brick in the set, so if your students can
complete the model, you know that the sets
are ready to be used for the next activity.

Engage your students in a 5-10 minutes
activity with the LearnToLearn set at the start of
your class. The LearnToLearn solution is based
on the educational theory of Constructionism,
which is rooted in the belief that children learn
best when they experience things firsthand
and within a meaningful context.
This hands-on experimentation with concrete
materials will lead to deeper engagement and
development of skills of the 21st century:
Collaboration, Communication, Creativity,
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

LearnToLearn Set &
Curriculum Pack
45120   | 5+ yrs   | $201.90

LearnToLearn is a cost-effective classroom tool
that shows educators how to effectively use LEGO®
bricks across areas of the curriculum while keeping
21st Century Skills development at the forefront. It
motivates, builds and improves student’s collaboration,
critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and
communication skills. This pack contains 28 identical
brick bags, each containing the 72 LEGO® bricks
needed for students to complete the 15 activities
included in the Curriculum Pack.
For storage boxes for this set, please refer to page 40.

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