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Children have all sorts of theories about how
the world works. What they don’t always have is
the ability and tools to help them express their
thoughts or feelings, or the opportunity to be
able to reflect on the world around them.
BuildToExpress allows and encourages
students to express and reflect their thoughts
and feelings on any topic by building symbolic
models with LEGO® bricks. The LEGO® bricks
in each set have been carefully selected to provide
a broad spectrum of ‘ready-made metaphors’
which inspires students and stimulates their
creative thinking and imagination in a ‘build
and share’ context. For example, a class may
be discussing environmental protection, and
students will build individual representations of
what they believe are the most important
considerations. They may use the concept to
discuss a novel, to prepare for a design
challenge or to debate democracy.

Express and reflect on the
world around you

In an inclusive, non-judgmental and highly
motivated environment, BuildToExpress enables
all your students to communicate as equals. It
is genuinely creative teaching aid allowing
everyone to be involved and to take an active
role in the learning process, transforming you
– the teacher – into a true hands-on facilitator.

BuildToExpress is a method for addressing
virtually any curriculum subject and learning
objective. It especially provides a fun
and effective platform for learning and discussion
in Character and Citizenship Education, National
Education, and Social and Emotional Learning.

BuildToExpress Set

BuildToExpress Guide &
Activity Pack
45110    |    6+ yrs    |   $78.25

The set includes over 200 LEGO® elements in a
separate storage unit. They have been carefully
selected to provide a broad spectrum of ‘readymade
metaphors’. The colourful bricks, accessories
and Minifigures inspire students and stimulate their
creative thinking and imagination.

Key Values

Encourages reflection and gives students the opportunity to express on the world around them
• Develops and strengthens 21st Century Skills enabling students to communicate more effectively, enhancing creativity and their
critical-thinking ability
• Promotes cooperative learning environment and gives all students an equal voice

BuildToExpress Guide &
Activity Pack

2045110    |6+ yrs    |    $212.38

This resource contains practical guidance on
introducing and working with the BuildToExpress
concept. It enables teachers to hear other educators’
experiences, and includes 30 age-segmented, corecurriculum
based Build & Share Challenge Cards as
well as plenty of engaging activities for them to work

Sample Lesson Plan

Level: Primary 3
Focus areas: Speaking and verbalizing thoughts
Materials: BuildToExpress Set (45110)

Challenge 2 – Remember

Recall your actions that may have an impact on the environment
e.g. do you recycle or reuse plastic bottles or paper that you
have used?

Lesson objectives:
• To identify, describe and discuss the
environmental issues plaguing our planet
• To communicate ideas effectively

Construct & Contemplate:
Build and share your model and thoughts about how your
actions have impacted the environment.
Move on to Challenge 3.

• Put students in groups of 2, they will go through
the four challenges as shown below.
• Building & sharing time for each challenge is 5
minutes. Students have to take turns to tell their
partner about the models that they have built.

Challenge 3 – Imagine
Imagine you are a scientist or engineeer. What will
you invent that can protect our planet from harm?

Construct & Contemplate:
Build and share your invention with your partner.
Move on to Challenge 4.

Challenge 1 – Think About

Why is it important to protect the environment?
Construct & Contemplate:
Build and share your model and thoughts about the
importance of protecting the environment.
Move on to Challenge 2.

Challenge 4 – Conclude
Take in all the ideas you have heard from the
previous building challenges.
Construct & Contemplate:
Build and share a model city where everyone can
play a part in conserving the environment.
How can you apply what you have learned, in your
current environment?

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