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KUBO Robotics

KUBO Robotics is a multi-award-winning enterprise that has created a unique classroom solution, which breaks down barriers to teaching technology to children as young as four years. With its ground-breaking TagTile® system, KUBO allows educators to introduce concepts of coding in an easy, hands-on, screen-free way, so that young people can learn to become creators, innovators and designers of future technologies.

Screen Free Solutions!

Coding with KUBO

You might think coding is a novel trend that doesn’t have other applications beyond programming, but coding offers many connections to multiple subjects, with the added benefit of reinforcing essential 21st-century skills. In this article, you will find ways to integrate coding into core teaching subjects, while also fostering important 21st-century skills.



Our hands-on, comprehensive lesson plans come in a range of lengths and challenge levels. From the earliest of learners to primary students, the lessons are developed and aligned to curriculum standards worldwide. And they’re free!

You can create your own maps or browse through the large selection of maps and lesson ideas produced by other users. It’s really easy to use and takes very little time to make your own unique teaching resources.

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Learn to code with this online KUBO Coding game. KUBO PLAY will be available free of charge while schools are out. Once schools return to normal, this will no longer be a free resource.

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KUBO Coding Starter Set

Getting started with KUBO Coding

This KUBO Coding Starter Set is the ideal starting point for introducing coding and computational thinking to students from 4-years old. Teach functions, subroutines and loops in simple, logical steps. KUBO comes with comprehensive lesson plans and guides to make it easy for teachers to deliver cross curricular challenges in a hands-on, playful way!

KUBO Coding +

Moving on with the KUBO Coding+ TagTile Set (Expansion Set)

Boost your students’ coding expertise with this super assortment of 36 additional TagTIles® to use with your KUBO Coding sets. These tiles allow control of time, speed, distance and direction. With KUBO Coding+, students become more confident programmers using functions, subroutines and loops for endless possibilities. This set takes students from basic to advanced programming skills.

KUBO Coding ++

KUBO Coding++ TagTiles for Super Coders (Expansion Set)

The new KUBO Coding++ TagTile Set completes the series of TagTiles needed to introduce all primary concepts of coding in a unique hands-on, screen-free way. This puzzle like set makes it easier for students to work with complex algorithms and develop abstract thinking. The set includes 44 TagTiles addressing concepts of variables, conditions (if/else) and events.

For Educators / Schools

Bring KUBO to your Classrooms!

If you would like to explore bringing KUBO into your class or level wide in your schools, our sales consultants are ready to assist you with the planning and even training for your teachers or students!

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