Advanced Kits are based around Horizon Fuel Cell technologies’ groundbreaking HYDROSTIK metal hydride cartridges that store hydrogen in solid state. This incredible innovation has led to the production of complex integrator sets that convert electrical devicesinto hydrogen hybrids. HYDROSTIK also powers the Horizon mini fuel cell stacks that give students an in-depth insight into the working of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

1.5W Fuel Cell
Developer Kit




This fuel cell developer kit is a basic, hands-on introduction to the principles of hydrogen hybrid technology, enabling users to turn battery and mains-powered devices into more efficient and more sustainable applications. Build a whole range of basic hydrogen hybrid applications – temperature sensors, timing devices and many other electronic systems improved with hydrogen range extension. The kit
also comes with the Arduino development board. 12W and 30W Fuel Cell Developer Kits are also available.


Build It Yourself Fuel Cell Stack




Introduce fuel stack technology without using compressed hydrogen. Investigate the power potential of hydrogen technology by constructing your own 4W fuel cell stack. HYDROSTIK PRO metal hydride cartridges provide instant hydrogen fuel and no tools are required to make the stacks. Create your own hydrogen-powered devices that can be completely self-sufficient with the optional addition of the HYDROFILL PRO (FCH-020) hydrogen station.


Build It Yourself Fuel Cell Stack




Discover the fuel stack technology that is powering cutting edge transport solutions and generators. Assemble your own 20W fuel cell stack of individually connected cells, then power up with the refillable HYDROSTIK PRO metal hydride cartridges. The cells do not need any tools to assemble into stacks so you can concentrate on creating your own hydrogen-powered applications. For a truly self contained energy system, add the HYDROFILL PRO (FCH-020 On-demand hydrogen supply.

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