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CoderZ Cyber Robotics 101 Online Course

“Bring Cyber Robotics to your kids – use the excitement of robotics to introduce your kids to coding”

Cyber Robotics 101 is a flexible self-based learning program for students and for educators or parents to introduce children to the core concepts of code development and robotics. Students will learn mechanics, navigation, sensors, and more while being introduced to programming components like commands, variables, conditional logic, loops, and blockly.

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♦   Recommended age: 11 – 14

♦   A username and password will be provided 3-5 working days after successful purchase

♦   No physical robotics sets needed

♦   Internet connection and a laptop/desktop and internet browser is required

♦   CoderZ course validity: 6 months


Why CoderZ?

CoderZ is a classroom optimized STEM Education solution that encompasses the learning of coding and virtual robotics together with curriculum, classroom management and teacher resources. The solution is developed to enable schools and teachers to engage students with hands on STEM. CoderZ enables all students to learn STEM with robotics. With CoderZ your students will learn how to code virtual robots accompanied by a step-by-step curriculum and gamified missions completely online. No need for expensive hardware or specialized training. CoderZ is classroom ready, designed for teachers and school friendly. Thousands of students and teachers are already using CoderZ in the classroom and in online competitions.


Course Outline and Learning Outcomes

Session 1: Introduction To STEM And Coderz

♦   Overview of STEM and first steps in CoderZ learning environment.

Session 2: Drive The Robot

♦   Learn about drive systems and how to navigate your robot using computer code.

Session 3: Drive The Robot

♦   Use Steering and Smart Blocks to carry out complex maneuvers.

Session 4: The Touch Sensor

♦   Learn how to use the Robot’s touch sensor for autonomous navigation using basic coding blocks.

Session 5: The Repeat Loop

♦   Learn how to code more efficiently with the Repeat loop.

Session 6: The Gyro Sensor

♦   Learn how to make accurate turns using data from the Gyroscopic sensor.

Session 7: Gyro Reset

♦   Learn how to reset the data from the Gyroscopic sensor.

Session 8: Domino Creations

♦   Design then make the dominoes fall in sequence.

Session 9: Final Challenge Missions I

♦   Apply all you’ve learned so far and take on an advanced challenge that puts your skills to the test.

Session 10: The Ultrasonic Sensor

♦   Learn how to avoid obstacles by sensing them from afar using the Ultrasonic sensor.

Session 11: The Color Sensor

♦   The robot can detect colors on the floor and use them to make better decisions.

Session 12: Challenge Missions II

♦   More advanced challenges to puts students’ skills to the test.

Session 13: Object Manipulation

♦   Using Motor blocks and the robot’s arm to grab and move objects.

Session 14: Decision Making

♦   Coding the robot to make decisions.











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