27 Sep

National Robotics Competition 2017

The National Junior Robotics Competition is an exciting and unique event organised annually by Science Centre Singapore. This robotics competition encourages students to develop problem solving skills, entrepreneurial skills, creative thinking skills and team spirit among participants. NJRC is about celebrating the process of learning through interactive, meaningful experiences.

Science Centre is pleased to announce the first iteration of the revamped competition “National Robotics Competition” (NRC). The relaunch hoped to reach out to students from all levels in the Education spectrum and to also engage the public on the importance of Robotics and STEM education for our younger generation.

Among the changes are a category for students between 6-8 years of age, a robotic arm hackathon and a category in which science and robotics come together in a very realistic manner!

The competition was held from 4 – 8 Sep 2017 during the September school holidays. Duck Learning also had an interactive booth where we showcased our products and solutions.

Day 1 & 2 of the National Robotics Competition begin with the WRO Primary category with over 120 teams taking part and participants aged between 9 to 12 years old. 

Introduction Primary Category: The mission of the robot is to bring Scientists and Visitors from the Start Area to the Scientist and Visitor Areas (S&V’s). The robot must also move an endangered animal discovered in an S&V to the adjacent rainforest (the green Endangered Species Areas) or to the adjacent ocean (the blue Endangered Species Areas). The mission is completed when the robot is within the Finish Area.

With about 20 teams taking part in the challenge for the first time, we were very excited to debut Duck Learning’s very own Junior Challenge, a mission-based challenge to be completed by a robot built from LEGO Education WeDo 2.0. The Jr. Challenge was debut on the second day of NRC. 

For Day 3 & Day 4 of the National Robotics Competition, teams are from Secondary & Tertiary, competing in the WRO Challenge. The WRO Secondary category had over 120 participating teams and the Tertiary category had close to 30 teams taking part in the challenge. 

Introduction Secondary Category: Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, emitted by human activities like transportation, industrial processes, and energy production affect the temperature of our planet. The Challenge is to make a robot that can help one company reach carbon neutrality. To accomplish this, the robot must install renewable energy sources, like solar panels, and plant trees to counterbalance the emissions from the industrial processes of the company.

Introduction Tertiary Category: The demand for electricity is increasing every day. More facilities like wind farms that generate electricity from renewable and clean energy sources are needed. The Challenge is to make a robot that helps to build a wind farm. The robot will select the best places to build the different wind generators of the wind farm in order to ensure maximum efficiency from the generators and no impact on the environment.

The final day of NRC held the WRO Open category, Science Automatica and Robot Arm (Open and Advanced).

Sustainabots [Robots for Sustainability]
For the WRO Open category, the mission this year is to build a robot that makes your region more sustainable in one of the following four goals:

  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Climate action
  • Life on land

The finale of the National Robotics Competition 2017 was the awards ceremony. The Guest of Honor, Mr. Johan, Managing Director of ABB Singapore and Prof Lim, CE of Science Centre closed this year’s National Robotics Competition 2017. 

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