18 Dec

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Trash Trek Challenge 2015/2016 Learning Journey to Semakau Landfill

To help FLL participants get started on their research and generate ideas for FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek Challenge 2015/2016, Duck Learning organised a Learning Journey to Semakau Landfill for our FLL participants.


Do you know that our offshore landfill is projected to be completely filled by 2035? That is how much waste we are producing!

Our trip to Semakau Landfill gave students the opportunity to see and experience what it takes to develop innovative, creative and economical methods to deal with the daily waste produced in Singapore.

Do you know that by incinerating our trash, it saves 90% space?
Glass is actually one of the hardest to recycle?

Recycling bins are placed all over Singapore but they are filled with all types of unsorted rubbish and lots of manpower is required to manually sort them out. Please do our part by sorting the recyclable materials in their respective bins.
Let’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover and take on our Trash Trek Challenge 2015/2016!

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