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Code for Fun Enrichment Program by IDA


Code for Fun Enrichment Programme (done jointly by IDA and MOE) is offered to all MOE primary and secondary schools to increase students’ exposure to coding and computational thinking.

Fees for students’ training and purchase of education kits under the programme are heavily subsidised by IDA (up to 70% for students training and 50% for education kits). Please download the application form for more details.

Duck Learning is proud to present our program for the Code for Fun Enrichment program using LEGO Education WeDo.

LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set enables students to build and program models that are plugged into a computer. Students get to learn programming concepts with block-based program, Scratch.


At the end of this program, students:

  • – Gain a basic understanding and appreciation of coding
  • – Develop understanding and appreciation of coding
  • – Develop computational thinking skills
    • — Thinking logically
    • — Analyzing and logically organizing data


As students get to build their own models, this powerful, engaging and effective platform allow them to learn Scratch Programming in an exciting hands-on manner and how it applies to STEM.

The models the students will be able to build with both sets combined engage them in a fun and exciting activity where they will be motivated to learn programming to make their models come to life.

Price per Kit (before co-funding) Price per Kit (after co-funding)
$340 $170*

*Please refer to Code for Fun Enrichment programme registration form for more information.

Students get to:

  • – Construct and program a technologyenhanced model
  • – Program a motor
  • – Program a tilt sensor
  • – Program a motion sensor


Price per Class

(before co-funding)

Price per Class of 3-5

(after co-funding)

Price per class of 6 or more

(after co-funding)

$2,440 $1,220 $732*

*Please refer to Code for Fun Enrichment programme registration form for more information.

Teachers get to:

  • – Create Scratch program
  • – Create programs involving variables, lists and timer block
  • – Build LEGO Education WeDo model with building instructions

– Write Scratch program to control WeDo model


100% Funded by IDA


Please download the application form to apply for your program or contact us [email protected] for more information.

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Comments (2)

Ho Wei Cheong
23/06/2016 Reply

i am a parent looking to learn the teacher course to teach my child programming, Does parent get 100% funding from IDA too?

    04/07/2016 Reply

    Hi Wei Cheong

    I'm afraid the funding is only available for educators teaching in a MOE registered school at the moment.

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